9/7/2023 New GEOCHEM Assay Map overlay has now been included in the map packs free of charge. As promised, we do not charge for additional maps added to map packs that you have already purchased our thanks to you. Just over half a million-gold assay samples have been filtered through and colour coded for easy viewing on a mobile device. All values are represented by colour and a PPB [Parts Per Billion] value.


As a hobby turned professional prospector I struggled to find maps that suited my needs. Being a modern-day prospector, I wanted a digital map on my mobile or tablet device working as Gold Maps Online, as I found paper-based maps cumbersome.


Gold Map Features:

  •  Ability to use Maps on both Apple/Android Phones and Tablets.
  • No Internet connection required unlike Google Maps [Fully Offline]. 
  • Maps relevant to Gold Detector Prospecting.
  • Fully usable in the field no limitations.
  • Affordable.
  • No Subscription model, pay once and only once for your Map Pack.
  • Lifetime Free updates * for all Map Pack purchases.
  • Carry in your back pocket

Watch a quick 60 second video of the maps in action.

What Mapping Software do I Need?

The Map Packs are designed to run on both Apple/Android phones and tablets using the Application Australian Geology Travel Maps from  Trilobite. The software is  available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is maintained by a great Australian who is a passionate Geologist. The software has a very simple intuitive interface for users which was a design goal for the developer.


If you would like a demo of the Gold Maps I am more than happy to give you a remote demonstration using Google meet, please drop me a message if you require help.

Gold Map Packs

The Gold map Packs have been created with the maps I have been using throughout my prospecting career, and I have found to be an invaluable resource. The Map packs are priced to be affordable for everyone which I believe makes great value when you compare to the cost of other hard copy maps on the market.

Map Packs have been created for the areas in BLACK on the map index below. Areas in RED are currently being created.

Each pack contains the following:  

  • Custom Map Created for Gold Prospectors [covering approx. 500sq km]
  • Detailed Geological Map
  • Topographic Map
  • Historic Quartersheet [where available] 
  • Alluvial Mine Sites

Before entering any land, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate permission if required, no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of these maps as they are based on the Government Map Data set at the time of publication. If unsure you must seek appropriate permission to enter private land.

FREE Demo Map Pack

Not sure if the maps are for you, why not grab the free Demo Map Pack to discover the wealth of information in every pack to put you in the right locations. The FREE Demo pack contains a subset of the Maryborough Map yours to keep no obligation.


Map index of packs available to purchase in the store.


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Apple/Android Gold Maps [Trilobite] Available in the Store

The following Map Packs are now completed and available to purchase.

  • Ararat Map Pack
  • Avoca Map Pack
  • Ballarat Map Pack
  • Beachworth [Coming Soon]
  • Beaufort Map Pack
  • Bendigo Map Pack
  • Castlemaine Map Pack
  • Creswick Map Pack
  • Dunolly Tarnagulla Map Pack
  • Heathcote / Costerfield
  • Inglewood Map Pack 
  • Kingower Map Pack
  • Maryborough Map Pack
  • Talbot Map Pack
  • Wedderburn Map Pack 

Can’t find a map or have a custom map you would like to have converted to run on your mobile device? If so, please contact us as we can create custom maps on request.


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*Must already own the map pack. If you purchase a map pack, any future maps added to the pack you are entitled to download for free.

Thanks to the Australian Government  for releasing their data under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 license and making these maps possible.

© Copyright State Government of Victoria

Gold Map Gold Detecting
Gold Map Gold Detecting
Gold Map Gold Detecting
Gold Map Gold Detecting
Gold Map Gold Detecting