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Ararat Gold Map Pack Available

Gold Map Gold Detecting

I am pleased to announce that the Ararat Gold Map Pack has been included to the online shop. The map pack consists of totally georeferenced Custom Gold Map, Geological Map, Topographic Map and Alluvial Mine Sites. All the maps are created to work on mobile gadgets with a GPS, in the field, and a network […]

Minelab GPX6000 Here For Christmas


Well, I have some pretty exciting news for all those out there waiting for the new Minelab GPX6000 Gold Detector to be released. Based on all evidence available it looks likely that the detector will be released in early December [18/12/2020] just in time for Christmas or is it [Happy Holiday] as I can’t keep […]

Do Nuggets Grow in Situ?

Current Knowledge indicates that gold nuggets originate from quartz reefs, where they had been fashioned by way of the response of gold-bearing fluids with chemically reactive (normally high carbon content) indicator beds adjoining to the reefs. Such knowledge cannot provide an explanation for why the Golden Triangle [Victoria, Australia] accounts for greater than 90% of […]

The Halo Effect

I have actually experienced the issue on a variety of celebrations primarily with rusty iron things and even the odd Clay Dome that magically vanishes when digging the target. I hear lots of individuals discussing the Halo Result and how it influences on buried targets in the ground whether they are Ferrous/Non Ferrous and even […]