Professional Prospector / IT Specialist


Behind the scenes at Tryhard Prospecting

After spending over 30 years as an IT professional, I decided to use my IT knowledge to improve my chances at being a successful Gold Prospector. I understand the value that technology brings to this field and decided to start drone flying and creating custom maps to improve my chances of finding the elusive yellow. With a full-time career time was short, and when I was out detecting I wanted to ensure that I gave myself the best chance possible at being successful. I am now happy to say that my researching and mapping has helped me  enjoy success in both Victoria and Western Australia. To help others pursue their passion, I have decided to offer my services in the hope that you to can enjoy  this fantastic hobby, and who knows a future career could be yours.

Also being very passionate about the right to public land use by all I am on the PMAV Executive Committee and Central Branch Committee doing my part for our rights as Prospectors and Small Scale Miners here in Victoria.