GPX 6000 Speaker Issue

Minelab GPX6000

GPX 6000 SPEAKER AUDIO Instability Issue

Minelab has identified infrequent cases where users hear audio feedback when using the internal speaker. Please refer to the product notice on our website by clicking on the link below. This has the effect to make the user think that the issue is EMI interference. If you use Headphones or Low Latency Bluetooth, then you are not affected.

Minelab have produced a hardware update that removes this effect. This update is present in all newly manufactured GPX6000s.

In the event you have a production standard without this update and have experienced audio feedback when using the speaker please follow the procedure below in Australia to arrange for this update to be completed on your detector.

Please note for maximum performance headphones should be used. Headphone performance is unaffected with this update.


1. Contact Minelab head office via phone or email. 

(08) 8238 0888

You will need the following information ready to give to Minelab staff:

–    Full name
–    Contact phone number
–    Return postal address
–    Detector serial number (located on the bottom of the control box)

You may also contact Miners Den Bendigo if you live in Victoria as they are authorised to complete the update and your warranty is not affected. Ph (03) 5448 4140

2.    Minelab staff will then determine if your detector already has the hardware update.

3.    To have your detector updated you will need to send your detector control box to the following address.

Minelab Service
2 Second Avenue
Mawson Lakes
South Australia

Product Notice around the internal speaker use

Stay Safe