Coiltek have spun their magic with their 14×9 Goldhawk coil!

Coiltek Goldhawk

Having recently purchased the new Goldhawk 14×9 coil for my 6000 I was keen to hit a number of old patches that I had found in the Kalgoorlie Goldfields and had chained with my GPZ 7000. As a full-time prospector I know the importance of a great detector [GPX 6000] and a great coil to match, and this time Coiltek had spun their magic. After spending 6 hours going over the patch once again, I managed to snag 27 pieces in total. As you can imagine I had a grin from ear to ear, however, I also wondered how did I miss these with the 7000. I scratched my head and thought to myself I may have missed some pieces however I couldn’t have missed all of the targets. The total weight was 20 grams and the coil had paid for itself on the first day of testing. I must admit the coil is not perfect being a little on the heavy side, however, the build quality and the deadly pinpointing of the 14×9 allow me to live with the extra weight, how could I possibly complain as I have been swinging the 7000 for the last 7 years. I also had the opportunity to work with a mate who was scraping and detecting using a GPX 5000, I detected each push after he had finished detecting and managed to snag 12 grams of gold the first day and 7 grams of gold on the second that he had completely missed and would have been pushed out. My mate scratched his head wondering how much gold he had been missing and is now convinced that the GPX 6000 and Coiltek 14×9 are a deadly combination for both patch cleaning and scraping and detecting.

20 grams from a flogged patch

Another surprise was a beautiful specky containing 9 grams of gold found at 14 inches by the 6000 and Coiltek 14×9 Goldhawk combo, the target could not be heard by the GPX 5000 as they are known to have issues detecting decimated gold targets.

Coiltek Goldhawk
9 gram specky

In summing up my experiences with the detector combo has been all positive and made me realise that the GPX 6000 14×9 Goldhawk combo has become my primary tool as a fulltime prospector covering both the Victorian and Western Australian Goldfields.

Great work Steve and the team keep innovating.

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