Prospecting and Fossicking in Victoria

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Many people have asked me “What do I need to do to look for Gold in Victoria?

I thought I would answer this question below with important details you need to know before heading out to look for Gold.

Gold Prospecting is fantastic hobby with so many benefits related to Health, Fitness and General Wellbeing, as a cancer survivor I can 100% vouch to the benefits it bought to my life in both my recovery phase and my daily life. To ensure that we get to enjoy this fantastic hobby today and into the future, we must all do the right thing and follow some simple requirements when out looking for Gold. I know it seems overwhelming to some however the requirements are really very simple and easy to follow.

➡️ Miners Right [Right to retain Commonwealth Minerals]

Do I need a license to Fossick, Prospect or Metal Detect in Victoria? Yes you do, a “Miner’s Right” must be obtained before looking for Gold. The Miners right transfers the Mineral rights from the Commonwealth to you, allowing you to keep any gold you find 😊. A Miners right can be purchased Online right here. If you are under the age of 18 and prospecting with an adult than you do not need a Miners Right [Adult must hold a current Miners Right].

➡️ Prospecting Rules and Responsibilities

  • You MUST NOT Enter private land unless Verbal or written approval is obtained from the landowner.
  • You MUST NOT Enter public land under an Active Prospecting or Mining License without permission from the license holder.
  • Permitted Tools include picks, shovels, hammers, sieves, shakers, electronic detectors and other similar tools
  • You MUST NOT use any form of machinery or powered equipment.
  • You MUST NOT use any form of explosives.
  • You MUST NOT remove, damage any plants or trees
  • Do not bury rubbish please take it home with you.
  • You MUST fill in your holes and replace leaf litter, leave the area how you found it.
  • You MUST stick to designated tracks with your vehicle.
  • You MUST NOT remove, disturb, damage or destroy Aboriginal cultural heritage.
  • DO NOT disturb or remove any heritage objects (such as stone tools, earthen mounds, bricks, building stone and old mining machinery). The Heritage Act 1995 protects places and objects of significance and can be found HERE.

Failure to comply with the above can lead to prosecution. Remember for full details you must ensure that you also consult the Victorian Government Earth Resources Web Site for up to date information HERE

➡️ So where can I prospect and Fossick

You may prospect and fossick in most State Parks, many reserves and private land providing you have landowner’s consent.

The following parks have designated areas where you are allowed to prospect:

  • Beechworth Historic Park
  • Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park
  • Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
  • Enfield State Park
  • Greater Bendigo National Park
  • Heathcote-Graytown National Park
  • Kara Kara National Park
  • Kooyoora State Park
  • Paddys Ranges State Park
  • Reef Hills State Park
  • Steiglitz Historic Park
  • Warrandyte State Park

For further details please visit Parks Victoria HERE.

➡️ Prospecting Areas Maps

Maps to some of the areas you can go prospecting.

➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Don’t forget to grab your Gold Detecting Map HERE

I hope you find this information helpful and sets you on the right path to a successful Gold Prospecting journey.

➡️ Protect your freedoms

To help ensure our rights and freedoms into the future please consider joining the PMAV [Prospectors and Miners Association Victoria]

Established in 1980, the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria is a voluntary body created to protect the rights and opportunities of those who wish to prospect, fossick or mine in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Find out more HERE

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Stay Safe