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Done Mapping [Eyes in the Sky]


Part 1 As everyone knows Drones or UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle] have become part of everyday life, love them or hate them they are here to stay for better or worse. Not so long-ago drones were limited to people with budgets of $10000+, then companies like DJI and Parrot entered the consumer market offering drones […]

How Does GPS Work?

Overview: GPS [Global Positioning System] is a system of 30+ navigation satellites circling around Earth. We know where they are since they regularly send signals. A GPS receiver in your phone or any other modern-day device listens for these signals. As soon as the receiver determines its range from three or even more GPS satellites, […]

Do Nuggets Grow in Situ?

Current Knowledge indicates that gold nuggets originate from quartz reefs, where they had been fashioned by way of the response of gold-bearing fluids with chemically reactive (normally high carbon content) indicator beds adjoining to the reefs. Such knowledge cannot provide an explanation for why the Golden Triangle [Victoria, Australia] accounts for greater than 90% of […]

The Halo Effect

I have actually experienced the issue on a variety of celebrations primarily with rusty iron things and even the odd Clay Dome that magically vanishes when digging the target. I hear lots of individuals discussing the Halo Result and how it influences on buried targets in the ground whether they are Ferrous/Non Ferrous and even […]

Important Survey for Prospecting & Small Scale Miners Ever!!!

All participants will be put into a draw to win one of 2 Minelab detectors. Have Your Say, the future of prospecting and little scale mining is on the verge of extinction. All information is personal and no individual details will be utilized in the last report to federal government. I motivate you all to […]