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Comparing EPIRB and PLB: Which is Right for You?


Comparing EPIRB and PLB: Which is Right for You. PLBs are designed for use by individuals, such as hikers, climbers, or pilots, and are typically carried. They are smaller and more portable than EPIRBs, and are intended for use in land-based or personal emergencies

GPX 6000 Speaker Issue

Minelab GPX6000

Minelab has identified infrequent cases where users hear audio feedback when using the internal speaker. Please refer to the product notice on our website by clicking on the link below. This has the effect to make the user think that the issue is EMI interference. If you use Headphones or Low Latency Bluetooth, then you are not affected.

Meet the Beast

Minelab are set to announce the release of a new detector and based on the images it looks like a new model in the Equinox range of Coin/Relic detectors. Maybe a Equinox 1000 [or similar]. Set to be announced on Sunday August 28th at 4:00PM. Below are a number of images and 2 videos of […]

Is this the Ultimate SDC aka MF5


Overview Well Minelab have actually done it once again and snuck this one in under the radar. A new detector launched, called the MF5 which uses Minelabs special Multi-Frequency Digital technology. This brand-new innovation leads to remarkable detection abilities by integrating the benefits or Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies. Think SDC2300 + GPZ7000 Combined […]


As these modern detectors are software application, driven any enhancement/feature addition can be seen as a benefit, and an extension of the life of the product. In the early days you had to replace your detector to get a function like, an additional frequency which cost genuine dollars. Minelab have actually released a software upgrade […]