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Alluvial Mine Information Added to Map Packs

Gold Mines

Greater Ballarat Gold MapsThis is a big one, covering the Greater Area of Ballarat over 2000sq KM, map details particularly targeted at Nugget hunting. Developed to operate on the Australian Geology Travel Maps App. I am delighted to announce as part of the Free Map Update Policy the following addition to a variety of the […]

GPZ7000 14″ Touch Sensitive Coil

The detector is being used in a Hot environment like WA.The detector is utilized for extended periods of time exposing the coil to extended heat exposure.The coil then appears to be over touch sensitive to other challenges and small bushes. Please beware that not all touch delicate concerns will be brought on by the pressure […]

Castlemaine Gold Map Pack Available

Gold Map Gold Detecting

Greater Ballarat Gold Map Pack AvailableI am happy to announce that the Greater Ballarat Gold Map Pack has been added to the online store. The map pack consists of fully georeferenced Custom Gold Map, Geological Map and a Topographic Map. I am delighted to announce that the Castlemaine Gold Map Pack has been included to […]

[WARNING] Metal Detectors and PLB’s


From: details Thursday, 24 September 2020 10:16 AMTo: Subject: Re: KTI Website query – PLB My Spot GEN3 PLB device saved in a anti fixed bag. As a follow-up KTI have made a design modification to there PLB to minimize the probability of this taking place in the future, however this does not lower […]