Work Permit Requirements For Small Scale Miners/Professional Prospectors

With the existing lockdown restrictions that have been put in location by the State Government to reduce the Covid-19 Community transfer, a variety of actions need to be taken, to decrease the likelihood of being reversed while travelling to your place of work as a Small Scale Miner/Professional Prospector. There is still a possibility that you may be reversed due to any variety of unidentified factors, and if thats the case we PMAV would like to hear about it.

PMAV have actually been called by a little scale miner who has actually been reversed at a Covid-19 roadway block, and as an outcome unable to access their mining lease. Due to all the uncertainty surrounding work permitted, this article has been assembled to assist with getting, and completing the right documentation, to reduce work disturbance for Little Scale Miner/Professional Prospectors.

To abide by the constraints, a Permitted Worker Permit need to be downloaded, completed and signed by both the Employer and Employee, and brought at all times. Sample of authorization revealed listed below.

We advise that all supporting documents be carried with you at all times consisting of: [Anything to validate your income earning and requirement to travel]

Proof of service associated to Gold Ore Extraction] Keep both 1.5 m distance or 4sqm space per individual

If further information is needed we suggest you visit the DHHS website or call the hotline on 1800 675 398 …

Evidence of organization associated to Gold Ore Extraction] Preserve both 1.5 m range or 4sqm space per person

A COVIDSafe strategy perhaps needed depending upon your private circumstances and more details and Templates are offered on the DHHS site. The site covers the obligations of both the Employer and Employee to ensure a safe workplace.