GPZ7000 14″ Touch Sensitive Coil

The detector is being used in a Hot environment like WA.The detector is utilized for extended periods of time exposing the coil to extended heat exposure.The coil then appears to be over touch sensitive to other challenges and small bushes.

Please beware that not all touch delicate concerns will be brought on by the pressure valve, but indeed might be a faulty coil due to some other cause, such as a faulty cable/ circuit board/ coil.

I believed I may share my experience with a problem I have actually come across with a number of 14″ GPZ7000 coils. A number of individuals including myself have actually reported that after at some point the 14″ coils establish an issue of being touch sensitive.

Stay safe and practice social distancing.

Place the coil in shade and let it normalise in temperature level for a few hours, Loosen the Pressure Valve with a 16mm socket [the valve is made from plastic, so make sure not to break] Leave the valve loose over night so the internals of the detector have time to normalise.Gently tighten up the pressure valve.

Minelab have not confirmed the problem and this perhaps a foundation case.

This has actually repaired my concern on a number of events. I fielded the concern to a Minelab dealer and they unofficailly confirmed that they knew the concern and the above pointed out method was undoubtedly the fix.

Area of Pressure Valve.

In my case the repair has been to finish the following.