Is this the Ultimate SDC aka MF5



Well Minelab have done it again and snuck this one in under the radar. A new detector launched, called the MF5 which uses Minelab’s unique Multi-Frequency Digital technology. This new technology results in superior detection capabilities by combining the advantages or Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies.

Think SDC2300 + GPZ7000 Combined

What a Beast

The MF5 has been designed to be both light weight and compact for operator comfort and ease of use. Do I smell an SDC on steroids 😁😁

And I ask myself why cant Minelab deliver the SDC2300 in a package like this, including a hard case to protect your investment.


The new MF5 coil is an all new design with a Round transmit winding, and a Figure 8 receive winding which aids in EMI noise cancelling. What a great feature, would allow us to operate near powerlines and in noisy EMI environments. I want one even more, sign me up 👍. The coil is slightly larger then the SDC2300 8″ coming in at 10.6″ x 7.5″



Detection Capabilities

Ok back to the MF5 👍, as the detector runs multiple frequencies this gives it the capability to discriminate both ferrous and non-ferrous objects. The detector has the ability to indicate ferrous, non-ferrous targets, carbon and fine wires from the change in both pitch and intensity based on the size of the object. Can you imagine an SDC+GPZ with discrimination, I think I will be selling my GPZ7000 for one (I know shock horror to some).


Some of the MF5 Key Features are

Detects metal and conductive targets
including fine wires and carbon rods

  • Detects metal and conductive targets including fine wires and carbon.
  • Waterproof — IP 68
  • Open web coil
  • Able to operate in environments of high electrical interference
  • Provides indications of ferrous and non-ferrous targets
  • Three Detect modes: Detection Mode / Interrogation Mode / Pinpoint Mode
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Selectable Target Alert Responses (Audio, Visual (LED), Vibration)
  • Able to detect targets in all types of soil regardless of mineralised content


If it sounds to good to be true or maybe even an April Fools day joke, then you would be wrong, as this detector is actually available for sale right now. I kid you not you can actually purchase this unit from Minelab 👍 if you can afford it 😁


The MF5 is Minilab’s latest IED detector for both the Military’s and NGO’s. So yes you can buy one whether you can afford one is another story. I would love to get my hands on one for a test to see if the MF5 would make for the ultimate Gold Detector. If you are interested in further information the brochure is available HERE.

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As always, Stay safe, swing slow.

One thought on “Is this the Ultimate SDC aka MF5

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    mbasko72 says:

    It’s a countermine detector so won’t be available through Minelab retailers.

    It runs on Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (4 frequencies in the range 5 kHz to 75 kHz) so to me looks like an Equinox with a higher 75kHz frequency in a SDC housing. You’d be better off with the EQ800 IMO.

    Minelab wrote:
    Minelab’s unique Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Digital technology results in the MF5 providing superior detection capabilities by combining the advantages of Pulse Induction and Continuous Wave technologies.

    I think some people are getting thrown by the above statement believing that it actually combines Pulse Induction & Continuous Wave but all they are saying is that Simultaneous Multi-frequency combines the advantages of them.
    Contact Minelab but I believe they will only sell you one with Government/Military approval.

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