Minelab GPX6000 Here For Christmas

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Well, I have some pretty exciting news for all those out there waiting for the new Minelab GPX6000 Gold Detector to be released. Based on all evidence available it looks likely that the detector will be released in early December [18/12/2020] just in time for Christmas or is it [Happy Holiday] as I can’t keep up with the political correctness. I know one thing, I hope Santa will bring me one 😀 for Christmas. 

I have spoken to a number of dealers and they are all heading off next week for a Minelab meeting no further info disclosed [read into it what like].

Gold Map Packs

Looking at the below image the FCC website has a number of interesting articles available to view, and a number of key documents have had their dates for public viewing pushed back to 18/12 including the User Manual / External Photos. This surely indicates that the Detector is close to release and a pre-Christmas release for making lots of sense.

FCC exhibit list of documents lodged

Another clue as to the layout of the detector can be seen from the image below which clearly shows the detector with the battery located below the control box. Much like the GPZ7000 and the CTX3030. Personally, I find cables a pain and going all integrated makes sense, fewer things to go wrong, we all know the issues with the curly black cable and connectors.

Label format and location

After careful examination of the Radio Test report prepared by AUSTEST Labs, it can be clearly seen that the GPX6000 will use Low Latency Bluetooth transceivers, giving the user a cable-free set up 👍 the same as the GPZ7000. We can also see that the GPX6000 will have a Display above the handle. Extract of the report highlighted below.

FCC test report extract Page 30

Minelab has explicitly requested for a confidentiality extension for certain key documents to be withheld until the 18/12/2020, no other extension has been requested which means all documents will be available for public viewing after this date. This must mean the detector will be available to the public just in time to be a present under the tree.

FCC confidentiality extension request

So what do we know so far:

  • The detector will have no cables [freedom]
  • Use Low Latency Bluetooth for the Audio
  • Have a control box much like the GPZ7000
  • Have a display on top of the handle
  • Be available for Christmas.

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