GPX 6000 User Guide


A quick update on the GPX6000 including internal photos and the complete user guide. Interesting information has been obtained from the manual and I must say I am a little disappointed.

The Double-D coil must be used when in areas of high EMI or conductive soil conditions, so this mean the DD will be the go to coil for most people in Victoria. This also means less sensitive then a Mono Coil to Gold.

Previous GPX coils are incompatible with both the detector connector and the new PI-Geosense technology

Auto Sensitive setting recommended with the trade off of NO THRESHOLD, just like Bogenes I guess.

Auto Ground Balance can track out a target is continually swept over, no Manual Ground Tracking Mode. If the ground is highly variable in its mineralization then regular Quick Track will be required.

Noise cancel only takes 5 seconds to complete this indicates that the detector has less channels to choose from when selecting the quietest channel.

Very Simple setup and no ferrite to worry about like the one used on the GPZ7000.


GPX6000 User Manual Download Links

Nice to see that Minelab are using a MicroSemi SmartFusion2 SOC FPGA as the smarts of the detector. This type of Chip is typical used in Automotive, Defense and Realtime Applications. This chip is a complete system on a chip and the heart of the detector. The Display also has a ARM CPU driving it much like the type you would find in your mobile phone.

Minelab Field testing results on the sensitivity of the 6000 on different size nuggets compared to other Gold Detectors in the Range.


I hope you enjoyed the read.

Stay Safe